Food pantry shelves are often bare...what can you spare?


For over fifty-one years, men and women from Plainfield and the surrounding area have collected and distributed food to the needy in Plainfield through an organization known as Star FishFounded as a cooperative effort of the Jewish and Christian communities (hence the “Star” and the “Fish”), these volunteers initially worked out of members’ homes. Food was collected, sorted and stored in basements for later delivery to those in need.      

  • Star Fish meets all requests for food. Volunteers pack the bags of groceries and deliver them to local agencies where they are picked up. 
  • Star Fish has a storage room in the basement of a local church where volunteers sort, bag, and deliver food three days a week. 
  • Our Club collects food for Star Fish - Members bring canned and dry goods to weekly meetings.
  • One of our members delivers the food to the Pantry.
  • ImageWe provide the fixings for twelve family dinners each Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter as part of Star Fish's annual projects. 
    • Star Fish volunteers prepare these family dinner packages for 160 families. The photo at right shows volunteers beginning to prepare the holiday meal bags.
  • We grow fresh vegetables in four 160 square foot plots at the Giving Garden in Warren Township. We collect the farm produce and bring it to the Star Fish Food Pantry every week during the growing season.
  • A small bag of groceries for a single person, a couple of bags for a family, are all it takes to give them that boost they need to get from paycheck to paycheck.
  • You can help by providing any quantity of any or all of the items for either a single person or for an average family.
    • For Club members, just bring them to any weekly Club meeting.  
    • For non-members, drop them off at Giovanna's Restaurant or email us and we'll make arrangements to get them from you and deliver them to Star Fish


Average Family (as shown in the photo, it's not much!)

1 Package of frozen chicken

1 Loaf of bread (or a few rolls or bagels)

1  lb of Pasta

1 Pasta Sauce (can or jar)

2 Cans Soup

1 Macaroni and Cheese

5 tea bags

1 Jar Peanut Butter

1 Jar Jelly

1 Can of Fruit or Jar of Applesauce

2 Cans Vegetables (usually green beans and corn)

1 Can of Tuna

1 Can of Pork and Beans

1/2 Dozen Eggs

1 box of cereal or 4 Instant Breakfast Cereal envelopes

In addition to these food items, feel free to add other staples, such as paper towels, toilet paper, toothpaste, soap, dish detergent, or any other similar items.


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