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     Our Club has been a supporter of the Homes of Hope Project initiated by the Rotary Club of Branchburg.  We began by offering support for their initial building project where simple, low-cost, one-room homes were constructed for families in San Pablo, a very poor village outside of Guayaquil, Ecuador. Eventually, the construction shifted to more sturdy, permanent housing, and then again on to other support structures and infrastructure.

  • As an outgrowth of that initial involvement, we became aware of the "Sponsor Me" project. Children in the village are in desperate need of good nutrition, basic medical and dental care, improved hygiene, formal education, and many other basic necessities that we take for granted. The Sponsor Me project meets those needs.
  • Children in the village receive shoes and material to make uniform clothes to wear to school, where they receive a nutritious breakfast each day. They are also given their school books and supplies, and twice yearly medical and dental examinations. The photo above shows the village children outside of their school building. 
  • For an annual donation of $420, we have been fortunate to help a young boy enjoy a better quality of life. Besides needing the basic necessities, our little friend Carlos is afflicted with a skin disease that requires constant medication. He cannot spend time outside in the sun and enjoy games with other children his age. In fact, his skin condition is such that other youngsters make fun of him.  
We are blessed with an opportunity to help someone in need, and you can, too.  We would like do more for Carlos and his family. Click on the donate button to go to the secure PayPal donation page for our Homes of Hope Sponsor Me account. You do not need a PayPal account to donate. Every dollar you give will be sent to the Santana family in Ecuador!
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