Our longest-running Community Service project is our Track and Field Meet for students from Plainfield, North Plainfield and the surrounding area.  
     The Meet was first offered in 1923, the second year of the Club's existence, and has been offered every year since, except for three years during World War II. We've only had a handful of cancellations due to bad weather, when both our primary and our rain dates were washed out by rain and/or thunderstorms.
     Middle school girls and boys compete for medals and ribbons in a fun-filled, competitive afternoon of sports. The custom medals are eagerly sought by the athletes, some of whom never before competed in an organized event.  
     In the above photo, one of the competitors is signing for her medal, which is presented at the Awards Tent by Rotarian Janice Allen and Brian Townley. Photos of past Meets and athletes in action are available in the Track and Field Meet photo album on the Community Service page.
     Club members and friends serve as officials, coordinating and running six different events for three age groups of boys and three age groups of girls.  
     The Meet is normally held on the first Wednesday of June at the Hub Stine Athletic Complex on Randolph Road in Plainfield or at the Frank Jost Field in South Plainfield. If you would like to help, send us an email.  We'd be happy to have you enjoy this experience with us. If you'd like to help offset the $1300 cost, click here to make a donation to our Track and Field Meet.