giving garden plots

The Club maintains two vegetable garden plots at the Giving Garden in Warren Township, growing vegetables in two 160 square foot plots and helping maintain other plots in this community garden. Our partners in the venture are members of the Interact Club at North Plainfield High School.
Interact Club members come up to the Garden every Wednesday after school and work for several hours, first helping prepare garden beds (ours and others), and then planting and tending the beds with weeding and watering and any other tasks that need to be done. This is one of the Interact Club's favorite activities, and continues until the end of the school year, picking up again in September until the harvesting is completed and the beds are closed down for the winter.

We collect the farm produce and bring it to the Star Fish Food Pantry every week during the growing season. You can see the garden and some of our crops in the Giving Garden Project photo gallery.
In addition to working the two plots, our members also deliver fresh produce in harvest season to three senior citizen apartment buildings, the Salvation Army, and the Star Fish Food Pantry, all in Plainfield.
The Giving Garden partners with the Rutgers University Snyder Farm in Pittstown. Weekly trips to Pittstown result in trailer- and van-loads of fresh fruit and vegetables, further enhancing the healthy food alternatives at our area food banks and pantries and kitchens.
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