Dinner Program at the Plainfield Area YMCA

     We participated for a number of years in the dinner program at the YMCA in Plainfield.  Four times a year we provided a nutritious, hot meal for the residents of the Y's homeless shelter, as well as the long term residents of the Y.
     When possible, we partnered with local businesses in this effort.  Nanny's Kitchen in North Plainfield and KFC in North Plainfield are two such businesses that helped us in the past.
     Nanny's (now closed) was located in North Plainfield and helped us with complete dinners for forty people.  The KFC also assisted us on a number of occasions for four years.
     We also cooked our own dinner meals, bought pre-cooked dinners from Giovanna's Restaurant, and used other sources to help us meet this need.
     In the photo above, two of our members present a custom, framed Certificate of Appreciation to Nanny's Kitchen for their dedicated support.
     Unfortunately, the Y closed its doors in 2018 and sold its building, ending their residential programs and the need for our help in the dinner program. 
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